The Work Study program is a volunteer program designed for dedicated practitioners of Bikram Yoga who:

  • Wish to further their knowledge of Bikram Yoga and
  • Face financial challenges with maintaining their practice

This program is available to anyone who has demonstrated a commitment to Bikram Yoga and a strong work ethic.  We hope to connect to individuals who are enthusiastic about their health and the practice of Bikram Yoga to help maintain a clean and safe facility by performing a combination of cleaning duties at the studios.


Maintain a safe, clean, organized and customer-oriented facility.


  • must be a current member, practicing for a minimum of 30 days
  • 1 dedicated shift per week (2.5 hours) and .5 hours of assistance as needed.  (days/times of shifts are determined by studio needs)
  • keep studios organized and clean
  • assist in cleaning, any special projects as needed, administrative assignments and/or organizing, restocking, inventory of products
  • assist in the welcome and directing members (as needed/requested)

In exchange for meeting requirements, you will receive FREE unlimited yoga and team discounts on products sold at the studios.

Interested in participating? Email us at for more information.

BYB/BYHS reserve the right to remove a selected Work Study or stop the program without notice.