First Time Students

First time practicing Bikram Yoga? Great!!  First time students are welcome at EVERY CLASS.

Here are a few tips to help make your experience more enjoyable:


  • All classes are open to all existing and new students
  • People of all shapes, sizes and abilities
  • A fun, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere

WHAT TO WEAR – Think Beach!


  • Nylon shorts, swim trunks
  • Please no practicing in underwear/boxers or sweat pants
  • Shirts are optional


  • Nylon shorts, tank top, sports bra, or swimsuit
  • Please no practicing in sweat pants


Plan in advance

  • Beginning yoga students generally have a better experience when they plan 24 hours in advance
  • This allows ample time for proper hydration and nutrition

Come to class well hydrated

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the 24 hours leading up to class (approx. 120 oz.)
  • Good hydration makes the heat more comfortable
  • It is also a mandatory safety precaution for first time students

Come to class on an empty stomach

  • Have large meals 3-4 hours before class
  • Lite snacks are okay 2 hours before class
  • Yoga feels best without too much food in your stomach

Arrive early for your first class

  • Get to the studio 20-30 minutes before class begins
  • This allows plenty of time for registration and orientation


  • You’ll need a yoga mat and bottle of water
  • If you forget we have both for rent/purchase
  • Two towels are included with each class, except for Community Classes

Be sure to read our general policies as well

Inferno Hot Pilates

  • A high intensity, low/no impact interval training using Pilates principles
  • This class is 60 minutes and is practiced in a room heated to 95 degrees
  • This class is a perfect complement to your Bikram Yoga practice
  • All classes are open to all existing and new students
  • No reservation needed, doors open 1/2 hour before class begins

See our Inferno Hot Pilates schedule here »

Come to class with a positive, open attitude

  • A positive outlook does wonders for your yoga practice. As a newcomer you have the advantage of an unbiased eager perspective