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Teacher Happenings

Shannon Carnemolla & Kris Bristol

Shannon Carnemolla Kris Bristol

Shannon Carnemolla & Kris Bristol are off to the next phase of their Bikram Yoga Teaching Careers…Shannon to NJ and Kris to GA.

Join them for their last class...
Shannon: Aug 13th at 6pm HSq.
Kris: Aug. 15th at 9:30am HSq.

Derek Stout

Welcome Derek Stout to the BYB/BHYSq. staff. Derek studied with Bikram in 2006 and has been teaching around the globe ever since.

Summertime Tips

International Yoga Asana Champion Brandy Winfield is coming!!

Monday, August 30th
Brandy teaches the 6pm at Harvard Square.
Demonstration and Q&A immediately after class (8:15pm class cancelled).

Tuesday, August 31st
Brandy teaches the 6pm at Back Bay.
Demonstration and Q&A immediately after class.

August Schedule Changes

Monday, August 30th: 8:15pm class Harvard Square is canceled.

Don'ts - Pranayama Breathing
The Don'ts - Click for Full Size

Do's - Pranayama Breathing
The Do's - Click for Full Size

Why Pranayama Breathing??

Most people use only a small percentage of their lungs which can lead to emphysema, asthma and other breathing problems.

Pranayama breathing teaches us to expand our lungs and increase our lung capacity resulting in:

  • oxygenation of blood stream
  • increased circulation
  • regulation of blood pressure
  • a warm body ready for deep stretching
  • mental relaxation

Consistency and good form are key; see Do's and Don'ts to the left. Click on the images to view full size.

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