If you are wondering if Bikram Yoga is right for you, it’s always best to ask a friend who does it. Don’t know anyone who practices Bikram? Here’s a list of unedited testimonials from our students and links to our favorite articles about the benefits of yoga.


popemedals“…Bikram Yoga helps me stay focused, keeps me in tune with my body. Bikram is very important for my recovery also. I will go into the yoga studio, there my kinks, slight injuries, pains, cramps..etc will show up. There is where I will know “oh I need to work on my diet” I need to hydrate, I need to work on my core. I listen to my body in the practice.

I work on posture, breathing and discipline. Most important. Proper posture, such as Bikram standing postures is same posture as proper running posture. Using core as same as using core for running, this helps me, helps me with form….”
-Longtime Bikram Practitioner and Sponsored Marathon Runner