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Welcome to Bikram Yoga Boston & Harvard Square

Hot Yoga for Depressive Symptoms

Have you been feeling down or depressed? Do you no longer enjoy the things you used to?

Are you interested in finding a new way to treat your depression?

If so, you may be eligible to participate in a new research study using hot yoga to treat depression...

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At Bikram Yoga Boston, we are dedicated to helping you get physically fit and strong, while discovering new levels of energy.

We provide an opportunity for you to take control of your fitness, health and well-being and make a significant investment in your future.

Be a part of the growing number of men and women who have found regular Bikram Yoga practice to be a valuable addition to their health and exercise program.

We are the only certified Bikram Yoga schools in the downtown Boston and Cambridge areas. Therefore, you can be absolutely certain that every class, our yoga practice rooms, heat, air filtration systems, and all of our Bikram Certified instructors meet the highest standards.

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